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Looking for facemasks for your company or organisation?
We manufacture customised reusable masks with 85% filtration efficiency!

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Don’t know what to do with material leftovers or textile offcuts? Join the Zero Waste initiative and conserve natural resources. Be resource-efficient by recycling excess materials and offcuts.

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Choose to be responsible! Offer business gifts and brand products with a sustainable story.

Globe Hope's sustainable business gifts

Customized facemasks with company logo

Globe Hope reusable face masks are made of Finnish non-woven fiber fabric by Ahlstrom–Munksjö. We offer simple white masks, and design masks that are coated with surplus vintage fabric. The masks are durable, easy to breath with, and last minimum 10 wash. The breathable fiber fabric filters over 85 % of air particles. To order large quantity of cusomized facemasks, please contact and request a quote by email

Zero Waste service concept

Don’t know what to do with material leftovers or textile offcuts?

Join the Zero Waste initiative and conserve natural resources. Be resource-efficient by recycling excess materials and offcuts.

To add zest to the responsibility message you project, we provide data testifying your participation in an innovative circular economy solution!

Did you know?

We live in a world of throwaway textiles: Worldwide, a truckful of textiles is taken to a landfill dump or incinerator every second of every day. Finland alone generates some 70-100 million kilos of textile waste annually (source: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland). The proportion of uniforms and work attire in this total has not been accurately calculated, but we estimate it to be 15 million kilos – up to 95% of which is incinerated.

Waste material is a problem of our time

Throwaway consumption has made textiles one of the most pressing problems of our time. Globe Hope’s core principle is to maximise the lifecycles of products.

Globe Hope has developed a recycling service concept in which we create new products from other companies’ unwanted textiles. The discards and offcuts of others become our raw material in a circular economy.

Globe Hope’s service concept conserves natural resources and maximises resource efficiency. Zero Waste reduces waste and provides reported data testifying to ecologically responsible operation.

Contact us! We’ll prepare a Zero Waste plan that exactly matches your needs.  

Proudly part of the concept

Phases in the Zero Waste service concept

1. Planning

Well planned is half done. We plan our service concept carefully and thoroughly. That includes analysing the composition, quality and volumes of our client company’s unwanted and leftover textiles. Globe Hope then tailors a service solution for the client based on this analysis.

2. Contract

We sign a cooperation agreement setting out clear operating models.

3. Operational startup

Globe Hope receives discarded and surplus textiles on a regular basis and finds a resource-efficient re-use for them.

4. Reporting

Globe Hope provides a report outlining the re-use of this textile waste and, if agreed, describing stakeholder products. The report can be used to project and strengthen the client company’s responsibility message.

5. Evaluation and development

Globe Hope and the client company check how well the process works – for example, annually – and improve it when necessary. The process is kept under continuous tight control.

Whenever necessary, we can find an alternative method!
We will work alongside companies changing their line of uniforms or work attire to find the best recycling and re-use options. 

Your next business gift, brand product or promotional item could be ecofriendly!

We can help you create a brand product, promotional item or business gift that tells a sustainable story.
We see material as an opportunity: we’ve designed hundreds of business gifts, so we know which material makes the best product.  

Our business gifts are always made from recycled materials, and they always have a story and origin. All our products and activities are ethical, ecological and aesthetic. Globe Hope promises quality, sustainability and timeless design. We build long life and solid value into the product.
We collaborate with the customer to design and manufacture personalised business gifts such as shoulder and tote bags, backpacks, canvas bags, toiletry bags and laptop bags. 

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